Jill Duggar Is Praying the Bible Will Get Her Through Childbirth

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Just 16 weeks into her pregnancy, Jill Duggar is already making major birth plans for when Baby Dilly enters the world. Along with husband Derick Dillard, Jill decided to prep for the baby's arrival by writing out Bible verses to get them through labor and delivery.

The happy couple spent some time making handwritten notes of encouragement to get through the rest of the pregnancy and to prep themselves for that exciting day. Check out their plans:


Writing out bible verses for encouragement during pregnancy, labor and delivery! #scriptureboard #babydilly #pregnancyprep #blessedparents

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Birth plans and prepping for delivery are individual to each and every mom-to-be. If music or mediation worked for you, maybe it didn't for a friend. Maybe it was focusing on a beloved object or memory that really helped to take your mind off the moment.

But for the Dillards and their future little addition, it's Bible verses that will keep them calm and meditative ... and it's good that Jill and Derick have keyed into that.

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Birth plans aren't just about figuring out whether you want an epidural or a water birth (in case you missed it, Jill is planning a home birth), or who you want in the room with you. They're also about embracing the emotional side of the experience. Sure, you need the basic blueprint of the day, but the spiritual side has its place too.

The Duggars/Dillards have never been shy about their beliefs, so it's no surprise their big day will include Bible inspiration. How about you? What did you include in your birth plan?


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