Judge Orders Bethenny Frankel to Stop Wearing Her 4-Year-Old's Pajamas

Good and bad news for anyone who has ever wondered if there's anything that could possibly be worse than a judgey mom. There is. But I'm afraid it's a judgey mom judge -- one who has just ordered Bethenny Frankel to stop wearing her 4-year-old daughter's pajamas.

When the Real Housewives star posted this photo of herself wearing her little girl's size nil PJs, I hated on it big time. I still think it's a silly, potentially harmful thing to do -- one that can give your daughter a warped message about women's bodies and the need to stay thin. But LOTS of women have distorted relationships with their bodies and food. And lots of us pass on those messages to our daughters, despite how hard we try not to.

The fact that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Gesmer chose to chew Bethenny out for her questionable decision when the purpose of their meeting was to discuss her divorce from Jason Hoppy is ridiculous and insulting to all women.


When Bethenny's attorney tried to explain to Gesmer that the PJ incident was meant to be a joke, the judge reportedly said, "It's not a joke. Her child is not a joke."

She's right and I agree with her 100 percent. I reiterate the stance I took before about this: your daughter should not grow up and see images of you wearing clothing she owned before she started kindergarten.

But this is NOT a legal issue. Bethenny isn't forcing her daughter to follow an all-liquids diet or exercise until the point of collapsing or do anything else that you could argue is unquestionably abusive.

Almost every day we encounter parents who make choices we don’t personally agree with. I don’t like the idea of beauty pageants, but do I feel a judge should have the right to tell a mom not to spray tan her 5-year-old? No.

I used to have a potty mouth. Since having children, I’ve cleaned up my language big-time, but the occasional bad word still escapes me when I’m running late and sitting in traffic. It’s wrong and I should work harder and not curse at all. But, again, it’s not a legal issue.

Bethenny made a silly choice. But she's no different than a lot of other moms who don't do everything right all of the time. Her clothing choices and possibly distorted body image are not the business of the court.

What do you think about a judge ordering Bethenny to stay out of her daughter's pajamas?


Image via bethennyfrankel/Instagram

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