Mila Kunis' Baby Name Choice Is Causing All Kinds of Problems for Parents

Celebrity baby names always cause a huge kerfuffle, but Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis caused a bigger brouhaha than usual when they named their girl Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher. Sure, we knew this Punk'd mastermind would go for unusual. But that's really out there. And naming experts predict the name will stir up a ton of trouble.


"I don't expect a bunch of girl Wyatts as a result of this," predicts Laura Wattenberg, naming expert founder of Baby Name Wizard and Name Candy. "But I do expect a bunch of panic from parents who've named their son Wyatt. It may also scare off parents who are thinking of naming their son Wyatt from choosing this name."

Why? Because with Wyatt Isabelle in the picture, the name Wyatt -- renowned for its masculinity -- starts to seem girlish. "And that may lead some people to believe it's been 'ruined' as a name for boys," says Wattenberg. "People get angry when great boys' names like Riley and Micah get 'ruined' being used for girls. It's a real emotional issue. It also shows a widespread perception that there's a big disadvantage for a boy that has a feminine name, and research supports that's true."

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In other words, if Ashton and Mila had had a boy instead, Wattenberg doubts that even these edgy parents would have named their son Savannah or Sarah. No way. So while names are crossing the gender divide more and more, that doesn't necessarily mean men and women are becoming more equal. It just means that women, at least in the name department, are trying to be more like men.

"A lot of parents who choose a masculine name for their daughter say it's because it sounds 'strong,'" Wattenberg points out. "But what message does that send to our daughters? If you really think choosing a masculine name for your daughter is a sign we're breaking down barriers and moving toward gender equality, then go ahead and name your son Amelia and we'll believe it." 

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