Kate Middleton Has Supposedly Chosen a Baby Name & It Couldn't Be More Perfect

Gossip is swirling that Prince William and Kate Middleton have allegedly already decided on a royal baby name. And this is one time we hope the gossip is true. According to insiders, if Will and Kate have a girl, they plan to pay homage to a beloved family member ...


Princess Diana.

According to insiders, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already decided a baby daughter will be named Elizabeth Diana Windsor.

Sniff, sniff.

It's a sweet nod to both Will's mother, the Princess of Wales, and his grandmother, the Queen of England. Some say that's not a good thing, given the strained relationship between Diana and the Royals.

But I think it's beautiful.

Prince William tugged at my heartstrings (yanked is more like it) when he proposed to Kate with Diana's ring. He didn't want his mom to miss out on such a memorable moment in his life. The only thing that will make me blubber more (whatever ... no shame here) is if he names his daughter after his mother. There's no better tribute to her, the woman who gave him life, than to breathe new life into her legacy through her granddaughter.

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Okay, okay ... I know I am getting ahead of myself here. There's no baby yet. It could be a boy. But doesn't it make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside thinking of the possibility of a baby girl named Elizabeth Diana

By the way, the "insider" providing this information to The Sun on Sunday is none other than Andrew Morton. You must remember him. He's the one who wrote the international bestseller Diana: Her True Story based on seven hours of taped interviews with the Princess of Wales. If anyone knows what's up with the name process (and is willing to talk), it just might be him. If he's right, a full tissue box will be an absolute necessity to accompany the royal birth announcement. Agreed?

Do you think Will & Kate should honor Diana if they have a girl?

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