Honey Boo Boo's Parents Need to Get a Handle​ on Her Unsanitary Habit

Poor Honey Boo Boo! It's been a rough week. First, her parents Mama June Shannon and Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson announced their split (amid cheating allegations). Now, the 9-year-old was spotted on the hunt for junk food at a convenience store near her Georgia home ... barefoot.

Yup, Honey Boo Boo barefoot in a public place. Sashaying around shoeless on a dirty cement floor with her hands on her hips, scooping up snacks, and posing for pictures with fans. Just check out the photo.



Not trying to be hard on a little girl who is understandably going through a tough time, but ... gross. Whatever is on that store floor would make a petri dish go wild. And she obviously walked there from her house barefoot ... so not okay. Mama June, she doesn't have to go out in full pageant makeup, but shoes are a must.

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Kids love being barefoot, and they are cute enough to get away with it most of the time. Sometimes the sight of a kid riding his Big Wheel around the neighborhood -- barefoot, in pajamas, rocking a severe case of bed-head -- makes me smile. I am not always a stickler for shoes.

There are some public places where kids can kick off their shoes and run free. Parks in the summer (just watch out for the dog poop!). Story time at the library (though socks would be encouraged). Maybe even a quick run to the snack bar on the beach (a day in the sun with mommy juice in the cooler makes me more relaxed). I wouldn't think twice about barefoot kids in any of these scenarios.

But walking from the house to a store with no shoes? Nope. Besides the hazards along the way -- stray nails, rocks, debris -- there are plenty of nasty germs that can sneak into little foot crevices on a store floor. Same rule applies for malls, gas stations ... well, basically any public place where people wear shoes to protect their feet from grit and grime. Who's with me?

Do you let your kids go barefoot in public?

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