Beyonce Is Nude & Pregnant in Newly Released Home Video

Beyonce Jay Z Blue Ivy

From her wedding to her pregnancy, Beyonce has been a bit private about her personal life. Well, maybe "a bit" is an understatement. She's been entirely secretive. But at the end of her and husband Jay Z's On the Run tour, the duo debuted a new music video, complete with some never-before-seen home video footage. And to our surprise, they even released a nude shot of Beyonce when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

In a mashup of Alphaville's "Forever Young" and Beyonce's "Halo," the personal family moments played in the background. Blink, and you'll miss her beautiful pregnant moment.


How precious! Not only did we get a glimpse of Bey and Jay cradling the baby bump, but we also saw some sweet footage of the family in the hospital right after Blue's birth and some of the famous tot's early days with her Mom and Dad.

Consider it our own little glimpse into hip hop's first family's private moments.

For the most part, Beyonce hid away for the majority of her pregnancy and we saw very little. But now we get to see just how lovely she looked, and it really shows us one thing: There was no reason to hide.

She looked great. That glow that everyone talks about? Yep, she had it.

And as the Queen herself has said, "If you got it, flaunt it." Pregnancy is definitely no different. There's no use in covering up or hiding that belly. It's a proud moment for all moms-to-be. So embrace it. Let the world see. Just go ahead and flaunt away, ladies.

Oh ... and those fake pregnancy rumors? Looks like those have been definitively squashed!

How revealing were you about your pregnancy?


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