Kelly Clarkson's Genius Trick to Get Baby to Sleep Is a Little ... Naughty

kelly clarkson

You know the feeling. When that itty bitty baby is screeching in the middle of the night and refuses to fall asleep, you'll do anything to get her to calm down and stop. Any funny face, any hilarious dance, and any possible song in your repertoire. Even mega celeb Kelly Clarkson knows the struggle. And in her latest tweet, the American Idol alum admits to doing something we all can sympathize with. Clarkson sings "Silly Ho" by TLC to her daughter to get her to sleep.

Is it possible to like her even more? Because that's pretty genius. Check out her confession:


Even when you're a multi-award winning artist, you run out of official "lullabies." Then it's time to resort to some good ol' fashioned TLC. 

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Sure, it may be a little inappropriate ("Boy you need a silly ho to do whatever you wanna do" is just a sample of the quality song), but listen people: desperate times call for desperate measures. And getting baby to sleep is one desperate moment. So use anything in your arsenal. G-rated or not.

Because remember ... little babies don't understand Mom and Dad's inappropriate choice of lullaby lyrics. They just hear your soothing voice and bliss out. So pull whatever you've got in your arsenal out and work it ...

Be honest: what's the most inappropriate song you've sung to baby?


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