Jessica Simpson Is Already Thinking About Baby Number 3

Sometimes when I hear celebrity interviews, I have to stifle a yawn. Or focus on something right in front of me to stop an exaggerated eye-roll. "Married life is a fairy tale, we have kama sutra sex five times a day, and I lost all of my pregnancy weight the day after I gave birth." Blah, blah, blah.

That's what I expected to hear when newlywed Jessica Simpson chatted up Ryan Seacrest recently. She looks amazing. Her kids are adorable. And her husband is clearly crazy in love with her. But she really surprised me ... and not in a "chicken of the sea" kind of way. (Remember that infamous comment?)

Jessica Simpson said something that proves she is truly, wholeheartedly, unabashedly ... a mom.


When Ryan Seacrest asked Jessica if she was done having kids after giving birth to Maxwell, 2, and Ace, 14 months, in quick succession, she had this to say:

Oh, we are done. I say we're done. [But] I don't want to accidentally get pregnant one day and then that poor kid feels like it wasn’t meant to be or something. We’ve got the girl and we’ve got the boy.

Yup. She's a mommy. Jessica is even putting her hypothetical "oops" baby first. I think that is so sweet. 

As moms, our kids are always our main focus ... despite the advice that we need to put our own face masks on before we can assist our children. Yeah, right. That just doesn't happen on the ground, in the mom trenches. Their needs -- from meals to clothes to milestones (sorry, boss, that report can wait, I am going to see my kid say his line in his school play) -- are simply more important. We would give anything up for our kids.

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Jessica's comment shows how far she really has come from her ditzy blond bombshell Newlyweds days (from her first marriage to Nick Lachey). She's Eric Johnson's wife now (changed her license to Jessica Johnson and everything), she's a doting mom to her two children, and she worries that comments made in print may upset her hypothetical "oops" baby.

Jessica, you scored serious mom points with me (though I still hate you for your killer post-pregnancy calves).

What do you think about Jessica Simpson's comment?

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