Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Is a Dad Now (PHOTOS)

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Is a Dad Now (PHOTOS)

Ryan Gosling Daddy

Hey Girl, it's official: Ryan Gosling is over us. He has eyes for only one girl now -- and it's not Eva Mendes. The sexy star became a dad when girlfriend Eva Mendes gave birth to a daughter on Friday, September 12. We can just imagine how starry-eyed Gosling will be over his new baby girl.

While we know that this is probably goodbye to "Hey Girl" forever, we think it's just the beginning of something even better ... "Hey Baby Girl." Because the only thing sexier than a hot guy is a hot dad.

Here are all the things Baby Daddy Ryan Gosling will be saying to the new girl in his life. He's going to be such a great dad. And hell yeah, he's hot. Check out photo #5 -- and we love #10!

Which Ryan Gosling is your favorite?


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