Pete Wentz Explains Baby's Weird Name & Nope, We Still Don't Get It

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Let's all rewind to last month when Pete Wentz welcomed his new baby boy and announced his name: Saint Lazslo Wentz. We've been scratching our heads ever since, trying to figure out why, oh why, did the Fall Out Boy rocker choose to go the holy route with his name choice. Lucky for us, Wentz has finally explained how he chose the baby name, and believe it or not, it's because Saint has already performed some miracles.

Wentz was finishing up his tour during the end of girlfriend Meagan Camper's pregnancy. And their one big wish was that their son wait until the shows were over to arrive, according to Wentz, who recently appeared on On Air With Ryan Seacrest. So when the baby boy did hold off his debut, it was nothing short of a miracle:


I was really sure we were going to have to cancel a show, or that he was going to show up, and he didn't. That's why Saint ended up happening, which will only be a problem, I feel, if he actually became a saint. That would be really weird.

Really? That would be the weird part?


It's hard not to roll your eyes at that explanation. Yes, thank you, Saint, for making sure that dad didn't miss any work. If that hasn't qualified the infant for sainthood, I don't know what else could do it.

Once we've finally wrapped our heads around this, one thing is painfully clear: this is just another example that, yes, celebrities are on a whole different level than us mere mortals. What may seem entirely strange and removed for us is maybe completely run-of-the-mill in Hollywood. Chances are, you won't find many Saints in Everywhere, USA, but celeb-land already has its first.

And thanks for not cutting Dad's tour short, kiddo. That, we actually really appreciate.

How did you choose your baby name?

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