Is Beyonce Pregnant? Jay Z Reportedly Announces Baby #2 While on Tour

Warning: this big, big, BIG news has yet to be confirmed by Beyonce's people, but boy, would it explain so much! Rumor has it that Beyonce and Jay Z recently dropped the pregnancy bomb while on tour in Paris -- and that the proud papa was the one to do it!

Could it be true?! Is Beyonce going for baby #2, despite so many totally convincing rumors that have been circulating forever that the couple split up five minutes ago?


Here's the tidbit that has been making tongues wag: at the final show of the European leg of their "On the Run Tour" in Paris, Jay Z allegedly changed the lyrics to his song Beach is Better (seriously, what is with these two and their apparent secret lyric messages?) so that he rapped the following: "Cause she pregnant with another one."

While it's completely possible that these two are messing with us again, what reason would Jay Z have to change these lyrics? And, duh, who else would he be referring to?

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And then there are all of these lovey dovey photos of the couple on vacation in Italy that seemed to pop up out of the blue. And other rumors -- lots of them -- including that Jay Z has been so protective of his wife that he making sure she eats organic, listens to soft music, and experiences zero stress. Bey has also reportedly been turning down champagne offers left and right AND spending a whole lot of time rubbing her belly.

I'm not usually quick to jump on celeb pregnancy gossip until we hear it from the horse's mouth, but in this case -- I can't help but believe it. Perhaps their new bundle of joy inspired the couple to quit their alleged feuding and focus on what's important: family.

So what do you think? Is Blue Ivy going to become a big sister?


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