Liv Tyler Is Pregnant & She Already Has the Perfect Babysitter

liv tyler

The Hollywood baby boom isn't slowing down, it seems! The latest mama-to-be has been spotted, and sources confirm that Liv Tyler is expecting her second child.

Tyler's current boyfriend, and David Beckham's best friend, Dave Gardner, also has two children from a previous marriage, while Tyler is already parent to 9-year-old Milo, whom she shares with ex-husband Royston Langdon.


Though Tyler herself has yet to confirm the pregnancy, her latest out-and-about photos show the actress concealing a growing baby bump.

Which has to mean Milo can expect a little sibling in the next few months! And a 9-year-old and an infant? That'll definitely make for one fun age gap.

But if it works for her, who are we to judge? Every parent is different.

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I mean, hello, she practically has a built-in babysitter and helper for the little sibling. From assisting with feedings to maybe getting in on the diaper changes, the older brother can definitely help mom out when it comes to caring for the family's newest addition.

And when he's 13 or 14 and the little one is 4 or 5? That's ideal babysitting age, so mom can just pop out for a bit and Milo's got it handled. Not a bad deal.

Planning kids and spacing them out is something each and every single parent has to determine on their own. Whether you choose to go the Jessica Simpson route and have two kids in less than two years, or space them out over the course of a decade, it's a conversation worth having with your partner and your body. In the meantime, we're super excited to hear that Steven Tyler is about to be a grandpa once more.

Congratulations to Liv!

How far apart did you space your kids?


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