Gwen Stefani's Odd Pregnancy Reveal Nearly Gave Her Husband a Heart Attack

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Mom of three Gwen Stefani is the self-proclaimed "queen of the house." And with so many guys around, the L.A.M.B. designer and No Doubt singer has to have a hilarious sense of humor. So when she found out she was pregnant with her third child, and third son, last year, she broke the news to her husband, Gavin Rossdale. But just like everything she's ever done, it was a tad bit unconventional. Stefani made the pregnancy announcement to her husband via cheeky email!

Yes, you read that correctly. Rossdale was on tour with his band when his wife found out she was pregnant, but one quick (and mildly terrifying) email later, he heard the good news. The father of three recently revealed how it all went down:


I got this email on the road, from Gwen, and the title was in capitals, 'LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME NOW.' I was like, 'What is this?' My blood pressure went through the roof. And I opened the e-mail, and it was the pregnancy stick.

Got that? Not only was it in an email, but "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME NOW" really hammers that one home ... and it's one way to give the guy a heart attack.

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We love it!

Just how hilariously does this illustrate parents' approach to a third baby? Sure, with the first, everything is all happy, happy, joy, joy. From the moment you find out to the announcement, the gender reveal, and the birth, it's all unique and original. Maybe it's even the same with the second because you can't help but compare the first two. But the third? OMG, LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME NOW!

Hey, parenthood is tough; it's good to get your laughs in where you can.

How did you announce your later pregnancies to your partner?


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