Ellen DeGeneres' 'Anaconda' Spoof Is a Thing of Booty (VIDEO)

Ellen Anaconda
You've seen Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video, right? I'm not implying you should have seen it because it's, like, an impressive artistic achievement or whatever, but I'm assuming you've been unable to avoid it. I myself have watched it many, many times, although the version I prefer has been edited to replace Minaj's music with fart noises.

While a salacious music video in which over two minutes of semi-NSFW content has been dubbed with a variety of farts is pretty awesome, Ellen DeGeneres has topped this by digitally inserting herself into Minaj's original production, acid-washed jorts and all. Any time Ellen dances, it makes me happy, but there's something particularly fantastic about seeing Ellen awkwardly twerking while Minaj jiggles her butt


I probably don't need to link the original video, but just in case you've missed the 145-million-views-and-counting masterpiece, it's here. Yes, it's truly a subtle piece of work. Whatever could those visual metaphors mean? Someone bring the ghost of Stanley Kubrick in here to puzzle these out.   

If watching that made you think everything would be greatly improved by an image of Ellen DeGeneres superimposed into the booty-shaking action, this is your lucky day. Here's what DeGeneres created as a promo for Minaj's appearance on her show today (skip to :53 to get straight to the spoof):

I'm not much of a Nicki Minaj fan, but I love Ellen's take. Particularly this part, maybe because it actually does look sort of painful:

Okay, I know what you're thinking. You're like, hey, you're not just going to reference some "Anaconda" fart remix and not include the video, are you? I would never do that to you. Here it is in all its explosive glory:

Which one's your favorite? The original, Ellen's take, or the gassy version?

Image via Ellen

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