'Sad Dads' at One Direction Concert: It's the Story of Their Life (PHOTO)

one direction

From the moment she was born, your little girl has had Dad wrapped around her teeny finger. Whether it's dressing up and having a tea party or re-watching Frozen for the umpteenth time, he's doing things he'd probably never imagined. Yep, Dads are pretty awesome. Take these guys who love their tween daughters so much, they went to a One Direction concert. (That's serious, serious love.) While their daughters might have been thrilled, the dads? Well, photographer Angelina Castillio managed to capture all these "sad dads" at a One Direction concert. The results are hilarious.

Take a look:


sad dad at one direction concert

Dad, you are a trooper. (To see the rest of Angelina Castillo's "sad dad" photos, head on over to Nashville Scene.)

Is anyone really surprised? It may be rough and sometimes physically unpleasant, but Dad will do anything to make sure his little girl is happy. Even if it means attending a sold-out arena to catch the performance of the greatest boy band in the world.

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He will suit up, drive the car full of hyped-up girls, and sit in the sweltering space to make sure that the ladies have a blast. Now that's dedication and love. Anything for your daughter's heart, right Dad?

Have you ever attended a concert with your child? How did it go?


Image via Kevin Winters/Getty Images; Angelina Castillo for Nashville Scene

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