Kelly Clarkson's Teeny Baby Attends Her First Concert (PHOTO)

Kelly Clarkson is my girl crush today because she had the guts to do something my mother would totally scold me for doing: she took her teeny weeny little baby girl River Rose to her very first concert!

At the tender age of not-yet-three-months, the lucky little girl got to see a couple of legends: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who performed in Chicago. But, smart mommy that she is, Kelly took all the necessary precautions prior to exposing her little one, who was born on June 12, to some really loud music: and the photo she snapped and posted on her Twitter account is too adorable for words.


Kelly posted this gorgeous pic along with the message: "Got 2 sing with @TYcom tonight in Chicago & watched her and Garth as well! Amazing show! It was River's 1st concert!"

How precious is this?! And what a special opportunity for Kelly to introduce her daughter to her music and the tunes of two of her favorite artists. If you're loving the gorgeous headphones River is sporting, you're not alone. Kel got so much feedback about them that she sweetly tweeted: "So people keep talking about the headphones that River is wearing in the last pic I posted. My girl Leslie made them!"

LOVE the shout-out she gave her buddy, and no doubt she'll be sending some well-deserved business her way.

As for the question (and it shouldn't even be a question) of whether it's okay to have an infant at a loud concert, her headphones say it all. Given her mom's business and passion, this certainly won't be the last show River Rose gets to attend before she's a teen and (let's hope) taking the stage by storm herself. Lucky baby!

Do you think Kelly's baby is too young to attend a concert?


Images via kelly-clarkson/Twitter


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