Michelle Duggar Reveals Her Littlest Kids Have 1 Big Problem

Times they are a changin' in the Duggar household. Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard and got pregnant right away. Now Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are engaged and on the fast track to the altar. It's a period of transition for the family ... and the younger Duggar kids are trying to adjust.


Change is difficult for everyone ... but kids are especially vulnerable to feeling abandoned, worried, or scared because they don't know how to process it all. Michelle Duggar says daughter Jordyn, 5, is having an especially rough time with all of the new Duggar developments. She burst into tears one day when Jessa left with her fiance's family.

"She was worried that Jessa was leaving for good," Michelle wrote on her blog. "I had to comfort her and reassure her that Jessa wasn't married yet, just going for a visit."

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Awwwww ... that little cutie is anxious about losing her sister. Who could blame her? The Duggars structure their household in teams. The older siblings guide the younger ones, helping them with everything from chores to tying their shoes to reading books. Despite the age difference -- or maybe because of it in Duggarland -- they share a beautiful bond.

Michelle explained to Jordyn that Jessa and Ben's marriage will translate into "even more great adventures" for the family. "Not only will Jessa get married, but we get Ben and the fun of spending time with them together," she blogged. "We'll be adding that much more love and that much more fun to our family." 

It sounds like Michelle is on the right track to easing her daughter's fears. But it is heartbreaking when your little one has to deal with transition, with loss, with change ... whether it means an older sibling getting married, losing the family pet, gaining a stepmom. Kids are resilient but they definitely need reassurance.

How have you helped your kids through a period of change?


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