Scarlett Johansson Names Her Baby After Herself

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Though she's been extremely private throughout her pregnancy, Scarlett Johansson just confirmed via her rep that she gave birth to her first child. According to the statement, ScarJo welcomed a baby girl earlier today and she's given her a name ... that's just like her own.

Scarlett and her fiance, Romain Dauriac, named their daughter Rose.

Not only is it a simple, elegant name, we couldn't help but notice that it's a lot like her mama's.


Scarlet (with one "T") is, of course, a shade of the color red. And so is "Rose." Could it be that Scarlett wanted her girl to share her name without being too obvious? If so, it's brilliant and we love how sweet and subtle the gesture is.

Rose is not only a beautiful, classic name, it's also trendy. Floral baby names are big -- from Violet to Marigold and even Rowan (did you know it's a mythical magical tree?). Kelly Clarkson, Jimmy Fallon, and Kevin Jonas all have daughters with the middle name Rose. (Scarlett gave her baby the middle name of Dorothy, after her grandmother.)

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Rose Dorothy Dauriac.

We love it. And with a name like that, you know she'll never let go, Jack. (Sorry. Had to do it. We were all thinking it.)

Congratulations to Scarlett and Romain!

What do you think of Scarlett's baby name?

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