Alyssa Milano's Baby Name Is 1 Perfect Mash-Up of 2 Classics

Congratulations are in order for Alyssa Milano! The Mistresses star, 41, gave birth to her second child, a girl, on September 4. Mom and baby are healthy and happy -- yay! We're thrilled for 10 fingers, 10 toes, and all that good stuff ... but we can't help but applaud Alyssa's name choice, too. She made a bold move to break away from the brat pack of celeb moms who give their kids crazy names.

Alyssa and her husband David Bugliari named their baby girl Elizabella Dylan. Access to weird celeb baby name mom club? Denied! 


Elizabella Dylan. It's recognizable yet distinct. A nice combination of Elizabeth and Isabella, two beautiful names in their own right. No one will have trouble pronouncing it, it doesn't rhyme with any dirty words, and it's feminine (definitely not a given in celebville).

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And Dylan? According to Baby Name Wizard, it's one of those names that works for both girls and boys. It flows nicely after Elizabella.

Kudos to Alyssa on her new bundle of joy. Elizabella has loving parents, big brother Milo, almost 3, and a healthy start in life. Finally, a celeb baby who doesn't need therapy right out of the womb because her mom gave her a good name. Elizabella is so far ahead of the game in Lalaland!

What do you think of Alyssa Milano's baby name choice?

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