Jill Duggar Explains Why She Announced Pregnancy So Soon After Wedding

Clearly Jill Duggar does not believe in taking her sweet time: After being courted at blinding speed by Derick Dillard, the two married, then bam! A mere two months after their wedding, Jill announced she's pregnant with their first child.

The suddenness of this announcement struck many as fishy -- particularly since Jill had insisted up and down that she hadn't as much as kissed her husband before their wedding day. Add this to the fact that due to the high risk of miscarriage during the first trimester, most women wait until the three-month mark to announce a pregnancy. If that's what Jill did, then she must have gotten jiggy with hubs before they tied the knot. Only does this theory hold water?


According to Jill, the answer is no!

In an effort to clear up those premarital sex rumors, she has come out to explain why she announced her pregnancy so quickly after getting married: She was just plain excited about being pregnant. Believing that every life is precious no matter how young, she decided to flout the three-month rule and share the news as soon as possible.

Honestly now: Who can't identify with this? The instant I stared at that plus sign on my pee stick, I wanted to speed-dial everyone in my address book to share the amazing news. Keeping quiet for three months may be prudent, but it's excruciatingly hard. So, I get why Jill didn't want to keep a secret this big under wraps.

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Yes, of course, it's awkward to announce "I'm pregnant!" one day, then risk backpedaling a month or two later with "Actually, about that ..." But hey, that's a mom's choice. In fact, if a miscarriage does happen -- which Jill, a midwife herself, acknowledged is possible in the early stages of pregnancy -- at least then a mom who announced her pregnancy early can share her grief with others (since they'll obviously be asking what happened), whereas if you keep your lip zipped, you either say nothing or you tell people in one mouthful: "I was pregnant, then I miscarried." That's a lot of news for anyone to absorb all at once.

Bottom line: Ladies, there's no need to be so darn judgy about when a mom wants to announce her pregnancy. It's up to you and when you're comfortable telling folks. So announce away, Jill! With news this big, why wait?

How far along were you when you announced your pregnancy?

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