Jennifer Aniston Confesses to Drinking Friend's Breast Milk (VIDEO)​

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We're about to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends, so you have the perfect reason to start re-watching all 10 seasons and maybe testing your Friends trivia knowledge. Test number one: anyone remember the episode where the friends taste Ross' ex's breast milk? Well if you don't, Jennifer Aniston will give you an eerie real-life version of the story. Turns out, Aniston is good friends with Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, so when Kimmel's wife started breastfeeding, Aniston had a little taste of the breast milk

Yes, she's serious. Seems like she wasn't spooked one bit and even went on to call it "sweet." We'll take her word for it, but watch the whole hilarious exchange here:


Yes, sure, we get it. Girlfriend, we're all in this together. Need me to hold your hair while you're sick? I'm there. Have a family emergency? I'll be by your side. Need my support while you're giving birth? Fine, all right, I'll feed you all the ice chips you need and let you squeeze my hand until you're through. It takes a village, right?

But hold up. Tasting your friend's breast milk? That's a new one.

It's definitely thrilling to be there to share the major moments of your friend's parental journey, and as Jennifer mentioned, she'd be there in a second. That'll definitely bond you.

But tasting their milk ...? That's a new level not every friendship is ready for.

Moms, would you let your girlfriends taste your breast milk?


Image via ABC

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