Surprise -- Shakira Is Pregnant After All!

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After months of speculation, Shakira has officially announced that she's pregnant with her second child. In the latest issue of the Mexican Cosmopolitan, the singer has confirmed the news that she's expecting a child with partner Gerard Piqué.

Already parents to 19-month-old Milan, they will soon welcome another addition to their beautiful international brood. But the best part of it all is that even though we all suspected it (those World Cup outfits were a little telling), she took her time to release the news and only did it when she was ready.


And that's something we can all applaud.

Moms-to-be, take this advice to heart. Don't let yourself be pressured into announcing the pregnancy any minute before you're officially ready. Sure, it may be obvious, but if you're not comfortable and prepared, push it off!

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Who cares if you're already showing or if it's become entirely clear that you're not treating yourself to wine with dinner? You do you. Talk it over with your partner, and tell the world whenever you're set.

Face it. From your diet to your vitamin intake, you're completely in control of the pregnancy. That means you get to control when everyone else knows. Maybe it won't be on the cover of an international magazine (or maybe it will, who knows?), but the announcement should be special and personal.

More power to ya, moms!

And congratulations to Shakira!

Do you wish you would have waited to announce your pregnancy?


Image via 3gerardpique/Instagram

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