​2-Year-Old Blue Ivy Stays Up Way Past Her Bedtime to Watch Mom at VMAs (VIDEO)​

So, last night a little girl managed to do the impossible: Upstage Beyoncé during her Video Music Awards performance! Cameras caught none other than Bey's daughter Blue Ivy showcasing her own flawless dance moves on dad Jay Z's lap. She had the cutest, sassiest look on her face during "Flawless" and "Drunk in Love."

Instead of enjoying a rare 2-year-old sighting on the VMAs, judgy moms are throwing Bey under the bus for not getting a babysitter. Yeah, it's Monday ... not our best day of the week ... but come on now. Grab a cup of coffee and get over it. Like, now.


Check out this video of Blue Ivy getting down watching her mommy:

Why, oh why, must moms criticize a moment like that? Haven't we all made exceptions to the scheduling rules? Holiday parties ring a bell? Maybe you saved a few hundred dollars taking a flight that interrupted bedtime? How about life? Sometimes there are just times you want your child next to you, to be a part of a memory of a special night.

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It's not like Bey was keeping Blue Ivy up for a Real Housewives marathon. She was there to accept the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement. It's a big deal. 

Blue Ivy will adjust back to her sleeping schedule. It may take a night or two, but she will get there. She won't remember how she gave up a night of sleep for the VMAs, but Bey will never forget her daughter saying, "Yay Mommy!" when she emotionally accepted her award. Those are the mom moments that make all the sleepless nights worth it.

Do you think some moms are overreacting to Blue Ivy being at the VMAs past her bedtime?

Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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