Pregnant Zoe Saldana Catches Heat for Her 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Zoe Saldana is catching some heat for her ALS ice bucket challenge video. Instead of doing it herself, she enlisted her husband ... and turned to the side to reveal the reason why: Zoe Saldana has a baby bump.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actress finally acknowledged she's preggers after months of speculation. Great delivery using the ALS ice bucket challenge video to announce her big news, but her message may confuse some pregnant women.


Zoe said:

I am accepting James Gunn's challenge to take on the ice bucket challenge. Obviously, I can't do it myself so I nominate my husband to take on the challenge.

On her cue, her husband, Marco Perego, doused himself with a bucket of ice cold water as Zoe's stand-in. What a good guy! Check this out:

It was cute, no doubt, but was it really necessary? We're wondering: Are there any reasons why pregnant women can't take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge?

We consulted a few OB/GYNs. Here's the consensus: There's no scientific data to suggest it's unsafe. That said, the ALS ice bucket challenge is a new phenomenon so adequate testing needs to be done to get a definite answer.

Hmmmmmmmmm ...

Maybe it would have gone over better with people if Zoe said she's nervous about doing the challenge because her doctor wouldn't give her blessing. Or she feels like crap and doesn't want to add to it by dumping ice cold water over her head. We can all remember those days of pregnancy -- exhausted, nauseated, overwhelmed. Just be real. Fess up. No one would blame you for saying you're just not up for it, but using pregnancy as an excuse may make other pregnant women who have taken the ALS ice bucket challenge wonder if they've been doing something wrong. 

Do you think Zoe Saldana should have handled her ALS ice bucket challenge response differently? 

Image © Marc Royce/Corbis Outline

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