Pregnant 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Bares Her Belly in Tiny Tee

ashley hebert jp rosenbaumMaybe you're able to disguise that burgeoning belly for the first few months, but once it really pops, there's really no way to hide the pregnancy. In fact, it's time to embrace it! And that's exactly what Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is doing now that she's verging on her seventh month.

Girl is inching closer and closer to her due date and is at that point in the pregnancy where the shirts are fitting just a liiiiittle extra snug ... and coming up a wee bit short. And her pregnancy fashions are totally inspiring to all moms-to-be because Ashley is completely unafraid to show off that belly. Look at the proud lady:


That's one way to rock a "belly shirt."

It may be easy to just wear flowy dresses and baggy tops when you're pregnant. But it's actually much cuter to go the opposite way and show off the belly once you get big ... especially when the regular shirts stop fitting. Just consider how cute Ashley looks!

It's OK -- good even -- to welcome your changing body, particularly at a time when it seems like your midriff is getting bigger with every single passing second. Don't be shy ladies ... you've got a pass (for nine months anyway). Bust out those not quite big enough shirts and rock 'em all the way to the delivery room. You only get to show off a bump for so long before it's gone.

What do you think of Ashley Hebert's pregnancy fashion?



Image via _jprosenbaum/Instagram

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