JWoww Is Letting Her Baby Ruin Her Sex Life

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is no stranger to oversharing. She complained ad nauseum throughout her excruciatingly long pregnancy about everything from heartburn to exhaustion to her "orangutan ti__ies." Yeah, we're used to TMI from JWoww ... but now she's dishing about how she refuses to have sex with her fiance Roger Mathews post-pregnancy -- for at least the next 1 or 2 years.

Years?! Wow, JWoww. That's harsh.


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In all fairness, JWoww is still on doctor's orders to abstain as she recovers from her "god-awful" delivery five weeks ago. She says she was between epidurals and on her own when her daughter Meilani decided to make her grand entrance. For JWoww, giving birth was "the worst pain in the world."

It is hard, no doubt -- but when you give birth you don't deliver your baby and your womanhood at the same time. Moms aren't that selfless.

It's tough feeling the same way about yourself post-pregnancy. There's extra pounds (unless you're a celebrity). Sometimes there are issues down there (though JWoww claims her stitches left her with a "virgin vagina"). It definitely requires patience getting used to the new normal for your body and sexuality, but it shouldn't take so much time that your relationship becomes abnormal.

Moms, once you get the all-clear from your doctor, you should want to regain a part of yourselves, a part of your relationship that was on hold. There should be no shame in post-pregnancy sex. You delivered a miracle. Cut yourself some slack.

Just turn the lights off (if needed) and go with it!

Were you nervous about sex post-pregnancy? How long did you wait?

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