Miranda Kerr Micromanages Ex Orlando Bloom Out of His Dad Role

Miranda Kerr
is taking momager to a whole other level. Since splitting with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom, she insists that all time he spends with their son is supervised with a nanny on her payroll.

Can you believe the guy has no alone time with his son? Outrageous!


There are no court-mandated restrictions on Orlando caring for his three-year-old son. Miranda says she trusts Orlando with Flynn but wants to ensure all of his needs are met when he's with his dad. Um, he's the dad, Miranda. Do you think your son will go hungry? Skip bathtime? Eat too much junk food? Stay up too late? Get over it. When kids are with their dads (typically on Wednesdays and every other weekend), the rules are dadified. It's their right as dads to parent as they see fit, just as it's your right.

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When kids go through divorce, they mourn life as they knew it. They have complex feelings, emotional stress, battle scars ... and there are tears. Sometimes lots of tears. There's longing for their other parent. There's adjusting to two homes, two sets of rules, two parenting styles. And that's the best-case scenario.

Some kids feel intense pressure to broker peace between warring exes or serve as messenger between their parents. They may get grilled after visiting with the other parent. Their small shoulders often carry the weight of proving their loyalty ... even though they love their parents equally. 

For a beautiful model, Miranda is making her custody agreement butt ugly. She's doing her son a disservice. Divorced dads should be trusted to love and care for their own children. They most often have less time with their kids post-divorce, which is a difficult transition for everyone involved.

Dads shouldn't feel like they can't show their kids who they really are because they're on a live nanny cam 24/7. How can anyone feel comfortable on constant watch? And what message does that send to a child already dealing with the aftermath of divorce?

Do you think dads deserve unsupervised visits with their kids even if it makes moms uncomfortable?

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