Ali Larter Gives Up on Natural Childbirth Way Too Soon

Do you think it’s possible to choose how you’re going to give birth before your water breaks? Pregnant celeb mom Ali Larter is convinced she will never realize her dream of having a natural childbirth because she has a low tolerance for pain.

I applaud Ali for being realistic with herself and her limitations ... but she may wind up selling herself short. Despite the insane amount of time spent hypothesizing, analyzing, and planning childbirth, you have no idea what’s going to happen in the delivery room until you’re in the delivery room (or space you’re most comfortable ... for home birth moms). 


The Heroes star says she considered a hypno-birth when she was pregnant with her firstborn, Teddy, but shelved the idea after her dad reminded her she couldn’t handle the pain of getting her ears pierced (she wound up with only one). Ali was 13 years old when that happened. If I regressed back to my adolescent self for decision-making, I’d still have posters of Jon Bon Jovi on my bedroom wall, electric blue eyeliner in my makeup bag, and a rockin' '80s hair pouf straight out of a Whitesnake video. We change over time.

We evolve. We stop running to our parents when we scrape our knee. You may surprise yourself when you're ready to birth baby number two, Ali.

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I think childbirth should run like a reality show ... with unscripted dialogue. Some moms who cry over hangnails literally cough and deliver their kid pain-free. Others (ahem, me) who thought they could handle natural childbirth but were unpleasantly surprised by a two-day delivery ordeal from hell must go for the epidural before they feel like they will rip in half. Live like you're one of the Real Housewives, Ali. If labor and delivery slap you across the face and it stings, get the epidural. If your frenemy winds up being extra friendly, consider fulfilling your dream of a natural childbirth. 

You just never know until you get in that delivery room!

Did you make a decision about childbirth before going into labor? Did you stick to your plan?

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