Blake Lively's Pregnancy Plans Are a Little Out of Control

blake lively ryan reynoldsThink back to when you had a life before kids. I know it's challenging. There is something about having kids that wipes out part of your memory. But if you can recall dreaming about being a parent before you actually were one, try to remember how many kids you wanted to have. Blake Lively reportedly once said she would have 30 kids with her husband of two years Ryan Reynolds. "If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would," she told Marie Claire magazine. Right now I'm picturing Blake and Ryan as the new Brad and Angie. Though we must remember that there is the fantasy of having kids and the reality of having kids once we have them.

I'm wondering if Blake is going to feel differently once she has one.


The 26-year-old actress seems to have a great love with Ryan -- she calls him her "best, best friend." The couple have never gone a week without seeing each other, and in Hollyweird-land, that is something to be proud of. It's clear they have a great bond, so why wouldn't they want to bring a ton of kids into their world?

Because bringing a ton of kids into your world is HARD! I've caught myself saying that I want to have a ton of kids. The thought of making a dozen babies with my boyfriend right now is very appealing to me. I adore my partner -- I want to make a million little love babies with him. But the reality is that sometimes you have one baby and you just fall in this beautiful parent love with that child and that is all you need. Or maybe you have another (or twins like I did) and you think this is it! The jackpot! I have all the kids I need. And then maybe you think you want one more and then just one more and your bank account slaps you in the face and tells you otherwise.

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Kids are great. Amazing little creatures. They are love and joy and happiness and chocolate chip cookie dough brownies all rolled up into one. I love kids. But having a litter of them? No way. Once you have a kid, the reality of having a kid starts. But before you ever had one, there is this fantasy about being a parent. Maybe you think you look like Angelina Jolie all the time with all those kids in tow. You are the perfect mother -- a symbol of beauty and all that is good, and you are well rested because you've somehow beat the system. But being a parent means that there are sleepless nights. There isn't enough coffee to help you during the day. There are the terrible twos, or terrible threes, or terrible fours, which only eventually gives in to the terrible teens. There are bullies or bullying and peer pressure and ... just take a minute to remember your own teenage years and what you put your parents through. Supposedly that stuff comes back to you tenfold. In which case, I'm screwed. If I had tenfold with a litter of kids ... um ... no thanks. Can't do it.

Of course, if you can and want to have a ton of kids, then go for it. Please make sure they are fantastic little citizens of this world so they grow up to make this great Earth greater. I'm looking forward to the babies that Blake and Ryan have. I'm also wondering if she's going to change her mind about having a litter or 30 kids after she has one. We all have that number of kids we think is the perfect number before we had a kid, and we all know that number sometimes changes drastically.

How many kids did you think you wanted to have before you had one? Is the number the same now?


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