Megan Fox Lets Her Son Watch Her Poop -- So What?

Breaking news: Megan Fox poops. I may have just gotten some men a little annoyed. (My apologies.) Okay, poop comes out of her perfect little behind ... but, really, guys, that’s not what’s upsetting. When Megan disclosed on Chelsea Lately last night that she poops in front of her son Bodhi, some moms got upset.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress made her dirty confession to host Chelsea Handler:


When you have babies you don’t really have a life. Every minute is dedicated to someone else. You don’t even get to poop alone. You have to take the baby with you.

So what are you thinking, moms?


Gross. Babies are capable of sitting in their bouncy seat or pack and play for a few minutes.

How dare Megan poop in front of her son? He’s a boy!

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While no one needs the visual of her pooping with an audience, is it really a problem because she does it in front of her boys?

Megan has two boys under the age of 2. Her son, Bodhi, was born in February, and her older son, Noah, is 23 months. She undeniably suffers from exhaustion, so that could excuse her potty candor.

She gave these boys life. She has probably had every body explosion -- spit up, throw up, pee, poop -- splattered on her designer outfits as unwanted accessories. She deals with their butts on a daily basis, so why can’t they return the favor? 

I brought this up to some of my mom friends, and here’s the general consensus: Megan’s diarrhea of the mouth shed light on something most moms are forced to do at one time or another. Sure, they’re a little annoyed that Megan broke the mommy code on the subject, but they acknowledged peeing in peace is an impossibility with kids ... and that both their boys and girls have seen them drop trou as needed. Some ensure pooping remains private, but most say it’s a part of life as a mom.

Demonstrating that Everyone Poops may help with potty training down the road. Get over it.

Do you go to the bathroom in front of your kids? Even if they're the opposite gender?

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