Susan Sarandon's Daughter Gives Baby Girl a Classic Boy's Name

susan sarandon eva amurri martinoIt's official! Susan Sarandon is a grandma, err, Honey! Her daughter Eva Amurri Martino gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday, and the little little lady has quite a unique name. Mom Eva and dad Kyle Martino have chosen a classically boy name for their daughter ... Marlowe Mae.

Mom and dad are already overjoyed:


Aww! With Martino as the last name, this little girl will be a triple threat!

Traditionally, Marlowe has been a boys' name. It's been spelled as Marlow or Marlo, and is traced back to Christopher Marlowe, a 16th century poet.

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But a number of celebs have taken it on as a name for their little ladies. Jason Schwartzman and Sienna Miller both have daughters named Marlowe, and now Susan Sarandon's grandbaby joins the bona fide trend.

It's nice to see classically boyish names getting new life under gender neutral naming, and it's not a celebrity-only trend. There are plenty of options out there for regular moms and dads. 

Love the name Dylan but find out you're having a girl? Still works. Gender lines are gone, moms! Go wild with choosing the names. It'll definitely expand the search.

What do you think of the name Marlowe?

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