Josh Duggar Should Not Be Letting His Babies Handle Guns​ (PHOTO)

josh duggar rifle familyA young, innocent man was shot and killed by police for reportedly playing with a toy gun at Walmart, and yet Josh Duggar can take a family photo with his kids' hands on an assault weapon and we are supposed to think it's okay. Another Duggar -- Jessa -- recently encountered a bit of controversy when she posted a photo of herself holding a firearm. What is with all these gun photos?

This isn't exactly about gun laws here. It's about gun safety. The more there are photos of kids posing with guns, the more kids will think it's okay to handle guns ... on their own ... without adult supervision.


Guns aren't toys. We cannot risk sending a message to kids that they are. We cannot take smiling photos next to a weapon that is used in war to kill people, allowing our children to touch it, and then wonder why there is so much violence in our society. Maybe some will think I am going too far in saying this, but again, this isn't about open carry or gun laws, this is about kids and guns. Guns just shouldn't be props for a photo either. Parents get flak for posting pics of kids pretending to drink alcohol; it's kind of the same thing. It's not funny or cute. They are simply too young to handle a gun, so they shouldn't be posed or propped up in a photo with a gun.

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Guns are used to kill. Why would we think it's okay to pose our kids next to one? As parents, we need to be mindful of these things. We do need to teach our kids about guns -- that they are not something to play with, that they are dangerous, that guns can hurt them and kill them, and that if for some reason they are ever in a situation when their friend is playing with a gun, they must remove themselves from that situation and tell an adult. Photos like this send the message that instead they should take out their cameraphone and take a selfie. That could be the first fatal mistake.

What do you think of the photo?


Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter

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