​Olivia Wilde Shares Dirty Secret Behind Her Breastfeeding 'Glamour Shoot'

By now everyone has seen this gorgeous, glam shot of Olivia Wilde breastfeeding her son Otis in Glamour magazine, right?

It's interesting. It's stunning. It's uber-modern yet timeless.

It's also not at all what it seems.

Look closely and you'll notice her cutie pie isn't wearing a diaper. Moms everywhere, Olivia included, know that can only mean one thing is bound to happen -- and did on this photo shoot. Yes, the beautiful Olivia, clad in designer clothing, was peed on by little Otis.


A few days after this photo was released, the always-funny Olivia cracked a joke about how she really doesn't look like a total goddess while nursing -- and that "there's usually a diaper involved."

Like so many of our babies who see being naked in our arms as an opportunity to go hog wild and do their business all over our laps, Otis realized Olivia's flawless Roberto Cavalli gown would be the perfect place in which to show the world exactly how much milk he's consuming.

Olivia posted the photo to her Twitter along with the hilarious message: "Otis ordered milkshakes. Luckily I had some on me. Then he peed on my dress. Good kid. #boobfood #whennaturecalls"

We're all for more mags showing beautiful photos of celebs and models nursing their babies because any publicity for breastfeeding is good publicity. But what is with their obsession with diaper-less tots? Sure, it looks sweet and emphasizes the idea that nursing is as natural as being naked, but if we're aiming for realism here, I am going to bet 99 percent of moms make darn sure there's a diaper barrier between them and baby while spending 10 minutes (or sometimes 45 in my case) feeding their child.

Then again, realism isn't really the goal, is it? When's the last time any of us ordered fries at the diner in a $5,000 dress, baby clinging to one breast?

Do you think photos of babies breastfeeding naked are silly or beautiful?


Image via Patrick Demarchelier

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