​Megan Fox's Son Is a 'Beast' & Boy Can I Relate

Megan Fox recently called her son Bodhi a "beast." No, she wasn't being cruel -- she was being honest. Fox says she discovered her 6-month-old is in the 95th percentile for height and weight after a recent trip to the doctor, prompting her to reveal that she has an "enormous child."

Now, if you can relate to Fox's situation, you know there isn't anything wrong with having a big baby or child. In fact, strangers will often marvel at your child's size and make comments that always include the words "healthy" and "wow!" But those of us whose children are NOT dainty little China dolls also know it isn't always easy raising a "beast."


My 3-year-old was born weighing a little more than seven pounds -- pretty average. But she began making up for that -- quickly. At her three-month doctor's checkup, we were told she was in the 95th percentile for weight and height. At her six-month appointment, that percentage leaped to 99. She wore size 9-month clothing when she was 2 months of age and pretty much outgrew toddler-size clothing a few weeks after she officially became a toddler.

Her size wasn't an issue until she started walking -- that's when we found ourselves in Godzilla territory. All of a sudden, she became a dangerous force to be reckoned with. It isn't that she was more destructive than any other 1-year-old -- it's that when she took a tumble while trying to balance herself on a ramp at Gymboree, she could take out a whole village of delicate toddlers.

Because she is so tall, older kids will sometimes mistake her for one of their own and will try to play with her. They -- and their parents -- quickly decide that was a mistake when my little girl shows more interest in turning them into frogs with her wand than abiding by the rules of Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3.

I'll admit, I've wondered -- in horror -- whether she'll always look older than her age and if that means college boys are going to try and date her when she's a freshman in high school.

Over my dead body, by the way.

And let's, for a second, talk about what happens to you, as a parent, when you have a gorgeous giant of a child. Other parents look at you. They ask you questions about your height. And you find yourself saying things like, "No, I'm 5'7", but my husband is 6'3", so I guess it's him?" As in, he's the one to blame. Or credit. Or whatever.

And forget about your child ever making friends with that cute little pixie doll on the playground who cried that one time just because your much bigger daughter threw a ball in her direction and accidentally whopped her on the side of her adorable little head.

It's not happening.

Do you have a child who is big for his or her age? What challenges do you face?


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