Katie Holmes Gives Suri Final Say on Whether She'll Get a Tattoo

katie holmesKatie Holmes is topless on the cover of this month’s Glamour looking like she substitutes carrots for meals. Super skinny and sexy with windblown hair a la Brooke Shields rocking her Calvins back in the day. While Katie was chatting with the press in support of her magazine spread, it slipped out that she wouldn’t get a tattoo because daughter Suri Cruise won't let her.

Suri, her 8-year-old daughter, is calling the shots about her body? How did that happen? As moms, we sacrifice everything for our kids: Sanity, money, “me time” (ha!), sleep, personal space ... hell, we even trade in our cars for minivans and pay extra for DVD players to make them quiet happy. But our bodies should remain ours (extra padding, C-section scar, and all).


I got my first (and only) tattoo for my 40th birthday. It happened mid-celebration with my best friends giggling as the tattoo artist marked my body around midnight in New York City. The memory of that wild, carefree night (in the midst of my anguish as I helplessly watched my mom lose her battle with ovarian cancer) is one of my most cherished in my life journey. The tattoo is a part of me, a reflection of what I was going through during that time, and I am proud to show it to my son (or anyone else who asks ... it’s below the belt buckle). 

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One of my friends got the same stars tattoo as I did and wondered out loud if she’d show her son. She decided she would. I knew I would. Our other friend -- the one who already had a tattoo -- admitted she had kept it a secret from her three kids for more than a year! I was shocked.

She didn’t regret getting her tattoo -- she absolutely loved it -- but she was scared about what her kids would think, a la Katie and her "Suri would kill me" confession. So, modesty ruled during bathing suit season. The beach-sized towel was wrapped firmly around her after every shower. She lived in fear of a slip-up. And I couldn’t help but ask her Why? more than once. 

The night I got inked proved transformative for my friend as well. She decided to show her kids her butterfly tattoo when she returned from our girls' weekend. They didn’t judge her. They admired the beauty of the design, the rich colors, the intricacy of the wings. Like a butterfly, she went through her own metamorphosis ... breaking out of her self-inflicted cocoon to reveal her true self to her children. And she felt free. 

Go get that tattoo, Katie! Suri will get over it.

Do you think moms should hide their tattoos from their kids? Should kids be able to decide whether moms get ink or not?

Image via Steffman-Turgeon/Splash News

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