​​Angelina Jolie Is Now Officially the Mother of a Teenager

angelina jolie maddox jolie-pitt airport LAXAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a huge milestone to celebrate today! No, sorry, it's not that they're fiiiinally tying the knot. It's Maddox Jolie-Pitt's birthday. But not just any birthday. Angie's eldest is turning the big 13, which means the actress/director/former Goodwill Ambassador is now, officially, the mother of a teenager. Whoa!

We all know how Angelina was a notoriously angsty wild child as a teenager, so chances are Maddox will be also, right? Ehh. In fact, the very opposite may be true!


After all, having a crazy, rebellious teenagehood might set a parent up for being even more prepared to handle the challenges that come with adolescence. Oh, sure, we're afraid that our kids might find out all (or even just some of!) the wacky things we did when we were younger and use it to justify their own wild behavior. But that's all about how a parent chooses to frame what they did -- and how they came out the "other side."

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Angie even told Elle earlier this summer that she didn't experience "a need to be destructive or rebellious -- it’s that need to find a full voice, to push open the walls around you. ... You’re trying to find out who you are." So, she obviously understands that phase teens, like Maddox, are inevitably bound to go through. She can tell him that she gets it, that he's going to want to try new things, make choices that aren't necessarily the best, but that it's all part of honing his identity.

Any teen who knows he has that sort of support from his parents is going to be more likely to be honest and speak openly. That in itself could prevent a slew of parent-kid miscommunications -- and possibly even "bad" behavior! Hurrah!

So here's wishing Maddox a very happy 13th birthday. All right, so he's potentially entering some of the most turbulent years of his life, but with parents like Angelina and Brad, he'll obviously have the best possible support with which to cope and thrive!

How do you think your teenagehood will inform how you parent your adolescent?


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