​Stephen Colbert's Advice for Young Girls Will Help Their Parents Too (VIDEO)

stephen colbert Most of us know Stephen Colbert as a brash, pseudo-conservative, satirical talk show host. But in real life, the comedian is a doting dad of three kiddos. (He's even a proud owner of "World's Best Dad" mug!) And Colbert's only daughter and eldest, Madeleine, just turned 18. So clearly, Colbert is fit to tackle Rookie's "Ask a Grown Man" segment, consisting of four teen girls' toughest Qs about dating and sex. So Colbert did just that recently, and the result was as heartwarming as it was hilarious.

In addition to inquiries about cat-calling, rape jokes, and guys who lie, the funny father tackled a question from a girl named Eve whose dad won't allow and won't even discuss her spending the night at her boyfriend's. She asked, "What do you think is the best way to talk to a dad like this to convince him to let me sleep at my boyfriend's house?" Colbert's response?


The smart pops wisely told Eve that it's not about convincing her father of anything. It's about having an open discussion. It's about actually talking to her dad -- not strategizing or plotting the best way to change his mind. Love this, because it's so true.

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All too often kids feel like they have to twist their parents' arms. Or vice-versa. But in any case where there's disagreement like this, it's so much more productive if kids and parents can communicate with one another and examine one another's reasoning. Maybe it's also a matter of a dad putting himself in his daughter's shoes. After all, nothing's really going to get accomplished if you're seeing one another as the enemy or target. But having a heart-to-heart and coming at that convo with an open mind? Well, that may actually go far to getting you on the same page!

Believe it or not, Colbert's take on that topic is just one gem of many he disperses for parents and teens alike in this honest, charming, and funny Q&A. Check it out:


When has your teen tried to "convince" you to change your mind? How did you handle the situation?


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