Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Her Baby Bump in Tiny Bikini

Hayden Panettiere has one of the most refreshing and healthy attitudes about being pregnant that we've heard in a long time. The 24-year-old Nashville star, who is engaged to boxer Wladimir Klitschko, has said that she embraces motherhood and sees it as a beautiful and exciting time in life. But it's one thing to talk a good game and quite another to live by your words -- and Hayden is doing just that.

The star isn't hiding her growing baby bump and changing figure. Instead, she is donning tiny adorable bikinis and showing off everything she's got on the beach.


Hayden and her love hung out on a Miami beach this weekend and the actress looked so amazing in her blue and white striped bikini. She appears to be healthy, happy, and confident in herself and her body. And instead of hiding her figure in a one-piece or cover-up, we love how she has chosen a suit that is still chic -- the side ruffle on her bikini bottom and that halter top are totally sweet.

There is no reason why pregnant women need to feel like they have to keep their bodies hidden for nine months. We should feel proud of what our bodies are able to do and consider our bellies (and hips and breasts and all the other parts that grow during pregnancy) sexy and beautiful.

Pregnancy was the one time in my life when I didn't think twice about wearing a bikini. As weird as it sounds, I felt proud to own my bump and loved the comments and sweet looks and smiles I got from other people.

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Hayden, along with other pregnant stars like Christina Aguilera, who just posed nude for V magazine, are setting a good example for women who are expecting -- one in which they're stressing the importance of feeling confident and happy with their growing bodies.

Do you think pregnant women should wear bikinis?


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