Pregnant Christina Aquilera Poses Totally Nude for Magazine

While most of us struggle to pull enough confidence together to wear a swimsuit on the beach, Christina Aguilera is like, yeah, been there, done that, now let me take off all of my clothes and pose naked -- while in my third trimester of pregnancy.

This isn't the first time the singer has shed her clothing and stood before a camera while preggers -- she did nearly the same thing in 2007 for Marie Claire while pregnant with son Max. But her latest photos are even sexier and the 33-year-old's reason for wanting to show her skin is inspirational for all women -- whether pregnant or not.


The Voice star, who is expecting her second child with fiance Matt Rutler, made the decision to strip down for V magazine because, she says, she wanted to "embrace" her body "through all stages of life." She added that doing so helped her stay "fearless and confident" and allowed her to surrender to "the unknowns the future has in store."


And the photos are gorgeous. In one, she's wearing a long sheer white gown that exposes everything she's got on top -- but despite how this may sound, she looks more like a painting of a goddess than like a Playboy model. And in another, a black and white photo so serene and pretty that she posted it to her Instagram, Christina covers her breasts with her hand and long hair and proudly pushes her beautiful belly forward.

The star loved that photo so much that she included the following message next to it on her Instagram:

A huge thanks to my "glam fam" @KristoferBuckle & @DavidBabaii for adding your personal magic to such a beautiful day & shoot I will cherish forever. @BrianBowenSmith - I couldn't appreciate you & your team more for bringing to life such an epic shoot. Giving me the freedom to bare my soul & body at this incredible, magical, transition time in my life. #Grateful

Instead of feeling shy about our changing bodies during pregnancy, wouldn't it be amazing if we could all follow Christina's lead and document this special time in our lives? It goes by so quickly, and before you know it your body is back to its original state.

Now if we could only hire Christina's photographer to capture our pregnant Kodak moments.

Have you or would you ever take nude photos while pregnant?


Image via xtina/Instagram

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