Kelly Rowland Reveals Baby's Gender by Accident -- Oh, Boy!

kelly rowlandSome moms-to-be tell everyone everything about their pregnancy. Others keep things secret. There are many who keep the sex of the baby and the baby's name private or unknown until birth. And that's what it seemed Kelly Rowland was doing until she had a big slip-up during an interview on television.

Kelly and husband Tim Witherspoon knew if they were having a boy or a girl -- they even have a name they like. But they weren't telling anyone. So when Kelly accidentally revealed some details on TV, she asked her rep to call Tim right away to let him know that the world knows what they were going to keep secret. Before I do the big reveal, take a guess ... boy or girl?


This is what Kelly said when on FOX411:

We’re very excited. So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already rotten -- like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys -- it’s just so cool.

"Him"! "His"! It's a boy!!

Kelly realized what she said, let out a big sigh, laughed, and said:

It, it’s ... aw, f--k it! It’s a boy. It’s a boy!

Ooops! She continued to laugh it off, rubbed her baby bump, and said, "I'm sorry, baby." When Rowland announced her pregnancy in June with a baby size pair of Air Jordans next to her husband Tim's pair, we were smitten with the news. We feel like we know so much about this little boy before he's even born! Well, we know it's a boy. He has a pair of awesome Air Jordans. And, as Kelly also shared, they have picked out a name and it's inspired by their family. Sweet!

During my pregnancy with twins, I at first thought I shouldn't tell anyone there were twins in there, and then after they were born, people would be floored. That was a short-lived thought. I also thought about not finding out the genders of the babies, but I ended up needing to know. And I told everyone who was interested. When it came to baby names, I kept them a sort of secret but, if pressed, spilled the beans on the names I loved. It's not easy keeping those kinds of secrets, especially since it's all so exciting and you want others to share in your excitement.

Did you spill the beans or keep some things secret during your pregnancy?


Image via Kelly Rowland/Instagram

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