Mila Kunis Skips Big Baby Shower for Something So Much Better

Mila Kunis ashton kutcher dodgers gameExpectant mama Mila Kunis might not be the most tight-lipped celeb expecting a baby these days, but she's definitely been a bit more reserved -- choosing to stay mum about her pregnancy early on and choosing not to publicly reveal her due date. So it's no surprise to learn that Mila's family and friends threw her a super-intimate baby shower as opposed to big, showy bash.

Ashton Kutcher's fiancee was feted by her closest female pals and relatives on Sunday in L.A., E! News reports. A source says the affair was "very small and intimate" and didn't have a particular theme. Sounds absolutely perfect.


Oh, sure, we usually think that the first time around warrants a MAJOR celebration, lots of friends and family, maybe even a co-ed party, but at least a THEME. Or if not a theme, at least all the cocktails and decor should be pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby, right? Why not go all out for the firstborn? 

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But eh, a more intimate party actually makes more sense in a lot of ways. It offers a mom-to-be the opportunity to really enjoy quality one-on-one time with her VIPs, people who will be in the baby's life, before the birth. Not to mention that it has to be far less overwhelming ... ideal for a mama nearing her due date who might not be all that keen on the sort of sensory overload that comes with a big celebration!

Ultimately, a baby shower should cater to a mom's sensibilities. It sounds like Mila's family and friends managed to do exactly that. Makes us think Mila, Ashton, and their little girl are lucky to have such a loving network surrounding them. Cheers to that!

What sort of baby shower did you have? Was it reflective of your personality?


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