Chelsea Clinton Skips Baby Shower Tradition No One Really Likes Anyway

chelsea clinton pregnantSeems like it was just yesterday Chelsea Clinton announced her pregnancy, but time must be flying, because Hillary Clinton reportedly threw her daughter a memorable baby shower at a popular upscale restaurant in Westchester, New York earlier this month. The event reportedly went longer than expected (they left around 10 p.m., two hours after the party was set to wrap up!) and was marked by guest appearances from President Bill Clinton and Chelsea's husband Marc Mezvinsky.

And aside from the fact that the cast of characters here include a former POTUS and Secretary of State, it sounds like it really was your run-of-the-mill feting of a mom-to-be. Except Chelsea didn't adhere to one time-honored baby shower tradition: Gift-opening!


The Daily News reports that the private expectant mom didn't open presents at the casual affair and instead opted to take them home to do the honors. Good for her!

It's often thought that gift-opening is what makes the shower. After nibbling on pint-sized goodies, who doesn't want to cluster around, gasp and cheer, and maybe play a game of Bingo to keep track as the mom-to-be opens and piles up her baby bottles, blankets, stuffed animals, breast pump, etc.? Err, well, a lot of people, actually.

In fact, lots of moms-to-be (and brides-to-be, who find themselves in a similar spot at their showers) are opting to have "display-only showers," during which guests bring presents unwrapped to be displayed on a table. That way, people can "ooh" and "ahh" as much as they like while walking by the table, but an hour or more doesn't go to feigning surprise while watching the guest of honor opens up gifts both she and guests are usually pretty familiar with, being that most of them come off of a registry everyone has seen! Or you could always forgo the display and just choose to open the gifts in the privacy of your own home, perhaps with a few VIPs (mom, best friend, dad-to-be, etc.).

Sounds like Chelsea went for the latter, so as to devote more time during the shower to socializing. Perhaps a few guests were a bit bummed that they didn't get to gaze upon all her baby swag. But I'm sure most will just be thrilled when they get a thank you for whatever they brought. And, you know, that they got to mark this special occasion with the former first daughter herself!

How do you feel about baby showers where gifts aren't opened?


Image via Johns PKI/Splash

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