Gwen Stefani Breastfeeds in Public -- Get Over It People! (PHOTO)

Celeb breastfeeding selfies are all the rage these days. And they are ALL great because, let's face it, the more images we see of women nursing their babies, the more normal the act seems in the eyes of the public. In other words, there's no such thing as a bad breastfeeding photo.

With that said, some bf'ing shots simply knock one out of the park -- and Gwen Stefani did just that when she posted this amazing, ethereal photo of herself feeding baby Apollo while on the road.


I'll save my gushing until after you get a glimpse at this heavenly image. And here it is:

Sigh ... Gwen with her hair up in a bun as if she doesn't care whether or not she's beautiful, which somehow makes her look even more amazing. Gwen barefoot and holding Apollo in front of a mountain in Switzerland. Every single thing about this picture is perfection -- but what I love most of all is that it isn't a glam shot, which is just what the world needs.

Oh, don't get me wrong, there are few things more glamorous than a Swiss alpine backdrop, but hey, exotic travel is routine for the singer. What makes this shot truly fabulous is the fact that Gwen is just being Gwen, and in this case, she's being the Gwen who stops on the side of the road to nurse her baby and kick off her damn shoes because why the heck not?

I loved Miranda Kerr's breastfeeding photo because she looked like a painting. Glam nursing shots are works of art, in my opinion, and there's certainly a place for them in society. But if our motive is to normalize breastfeeding and make everyone feel more comfortable with doing it in public, women who look perfectly polished and are posing like goddesses aren't going to hit home with most of us the way this photo of Gwen will. Let's hope we see more like this one.

Do you prefer Gwen's photo to glam breastfeeding shots?


Images via gwenstefani/Instagram

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