LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Share Dirty Affair Details With His Kids

LeAnn RimesNot everyone's path to true love is smooth and drama-free. Actually, some would argue that all great love stories have their twists and turns, but occasionally two people find each other in a very unconventional way -- like when they're both married to other people. Whoops.

That's what famously happened to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. The now-married couple met in 2008 -- when she was married to dancer Dean Sheremet, and he was married to model Brandi Glanville. They began a much-publicized affair, and to complicate matters even further, Eddie and Brandi had two young sons together. Recently, LeAnn (who constantly dotes on her stepsons, much to Brandi's chagrin) and Eddie opened up to Mario Lopez about their decision to share the dirty details of their affair to 11-year-old Mason and 7-year-old Josh.


When the controversial couple stopped by Extra at Universal Studios Hollywood, Lopez mentioned that he heard that they wanted to be honest with the kids about how they met and fell in love.

Rimes said that it was the boys who asked. "The kids actually came to us and asked, very nonchalantly over dinner, and Eddie was very honest with them in a way that you can be with a 7-year-old and 11-year-old. He’s always the first person to say how much he loves me, and they see that in our house, and they feel that, so I think it’s important not to lie children. They understand way more."

She continued, "We both never want them to come back and say, 'You weren't honest with us about this.' They're very open with us, which us cool."

You know, I have to say I think they made the right decision here. There is a way you can be honest with your kids about why their parents broke up, whatever the reason was, and give them some answers so they can make sense of their worlds. In cases where two married people have an affair, it can even turn into a teachable moment.

People in happy, healthy relationships don't seek don't seek companionship with another person -- whether it's emotional or physical. Things have to be pretty broken down for a true affair to occur, and I'd be willing to bet there's a whole lot of denial that takes place in order for that to happen.

It's such a crappy situation to be in, but it does happen. The best thing you can do as a parent for your kids is to admit when you've made mistakes and what you've done to rectify them and seek forgiveness.

There's nothing wrong with telling them, "Your mom and I had a lot of problems, even though we both love you very much. I made a mistake not addressing them before beginning a relationship with your stepmom, and I'm sorry you got hurt in the process. Don't be like me when you grow up. Now let's get some ice cream."

In a perfect world, affairs and divorces would never happen, but we are imperfect people just trying to do the best we can. Lying to our kids and trying to say no mistakes were made when they clearly were doesn't do anyone any favors.

How much of your past mistakes do you share with your children when they ask you?


Image via LeAnn Rimes/Instagram

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