'Baby Hungry' Eva Mendes Accused of Trapping Ryan Gosling

Eva MendesToday, in further proof that the world just doesn't get how babies are made (or maybe it just doesn't care), the gossip rags are atwitter with allegations that Eva Mendes "blindsided" boyfriend Ryan Gosling with her totally "unplanned" pregnancy. Note we said gossip rags, so grain of salt and all that jazz, folks. After we all join in a giant eye-roll, let's just hash this out.

The allegations are that Eva has desperately been wanting a baby (because woman of a certain age, blah, blah), and the couple was near breaking up when, oh, what is this? A bun in the oven?

Cue the tired old "baby hungry woman gets pregnant to trap man" blame game myth. Yes, it's a popular one, but it's a myth all the same.

It can't happen.


Not if a man spends five seconds thinking about what it is that sex actually does, it can't.

See, here's the deal for those of you whose abstinence-only education failed to make clear that babies are not created only when a Mommy and Daddy love each other so much that they wish you into being: when you have sex, there's a risk of making a baby. If you use birth control, the risk is lower, but still, there is a risk (an estimated 5 percent of unintended pregnancies in America occur in women who used birth control consistently and correctly).

That all being true, if a man has sex with a woman, and she gets pregnant, he cannot be surprised. He cannot be blindsided. He cannot be "trapped." It's simple science. He -- as much as she -- made that baby.

Unfortunately for Mendes, she falls right into that sweet spot that makes for these sort of attacks. She's 40 and has no previous children and the father of the child growing inside her happens to be a much sought-after bachelor. Hollywood could hardly have asked for a better backstory for its baby-hungry man-trapping villain.

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But at the end of the day, these sort of rumors and accusations only serve to make life harder for moms the world over. They put all the onus for creation on mothers and make children into agents of some evil scheme. If men can be "trapped" into being fathers, blindsided with progeny, then how is it that we can expect any dad to truly be responsible for his kids?

So long as we castigate moms and let dads off the hook for a child's creation, we create an unfair balance of responsibility for mothers.

Eve Mendes may have desperately wanted this baby, but she's not the child's only parent. Let's stop acting like she did something wrong here.

Was your pregnancy "unplanned"? How did your partner react?


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