Zoe Saldana Is Pregnant & The Timing Is Perfect (PHOTO)

Zoe SaldanaMark 2014 on the calendar as the best year ever for actress Zoe Saldana. She's the star of expected summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, and oh yeah, looks like Saldana is pregnant!

Saldana raised suspicions this week when a photo appeared on Instagram of the actress posing with her Guardians co-stars ... and a blur that just happened to highlight her belly. Then Bradley Cooper's ex-girlfriend hit the red carpet in a sheer Louis Vuitton dress with a t-shaped white belt that did everything to accentuate the belly and, well, you know how tongues start wagging. Check out that "bump":


pregnant Zoe Saldana

Aww! She looks adorable!

Turns out Saldana is only about three months along, so it's no wonder she has kept things pretty quiet until now. The first trimester is always uncertain. Not to mention she tends to play things close to the vest -- her wedding to husband Marco Perego in September was kept a secret until after the "I do"s.

Although eagle-eyed fans may have noticed she's thrown out a few hints about her interest in motherhood. Just a few days ago, Saldana tweeted about a sign at a shop welcoming breastfeeding mothers, which is a curious mention for a woman without kids. Then came a tweet making reference to the tightness of her skirt -- because you know what starts happening to your clothes after you're preggo, right ladies, wink, wink!

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And the timing couldn't be better -- Saldana just threw a baby shower for her sister, Mariel Saldana Webb, earlier this month. That means she'll not only have big sis to turn to for pregnancy advice, but the cousins will get to grow up together!

Congrats to the mama-to-be!

Did people guess when you were pregnant? What clued them in?


Images via OneRealZoe/Instagram

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