Scarlett Johansson Could Give Birth on Her Wedding Day

scarlett johansson romain dauriacScarlett Johansson has been famously tight-lipped about her pregnancy, but rumor has it the actress, who got engaged to French journalist Romain Dauriac in September, is due next month! What's more, Page Six reports that secretive ScarJo spilled her wedding date while dining at Martha Stewart's East Hampton estate ...

Apparently, the two will have an August wedding, either in Paris or the Hamptons. Yep, Scarlett's wedding date may very well be right on top of her due date! Whoa! Depending on where the nuptials take place, let's hope Scarlett has an OB/GYN or midwife nearby. Even then, oof, planning to say your I dos so far along certainly comes with some stressors and risks.


After all, many women opt to do quite the opposite -- completely clear any commitments they may have had (work, short-distance travel, even a friend's wedding!) from the few weeks or two weeks or even just week around their due date. They feel like whenever they're approaching that impending end of their pregnancy, and a big question mark is hovering over exactly when labor is going to happen, it's better to err on the side of caution and make sure they're close to their health care provider and don't have anything else on their agendas -- let alone their Big Day.

But for others, like Johansson, perhaps it works for them to throw caution to the wind. Maybe the timing is necessary or even ideal for whatever circumstances. And as long as they don't mind navigating the challenges -- okay, potential OMG moments! -- that could crop up at the tail-end of their pregnancy, hey, why not? As long as they're prepared to expect the unexpected (you know, being that you are expecting), it's totally doable.

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Ultimately, there are only so many things you can plan and control toward the end of your pregnancy. Birth plans go out the window all the time. Whatever engagements a woman wants to plan around her due date should be left up to her, as long as she's considering her own and the baby's wellness and safety. Surely, ScarJo is doing that as she plans her walk down the aisle -- and welcoming her first child -- potentially days (or hours!?) apart!

What big commitments or plans did you (or would you try) to sneak in during the last month of your pregnancy?


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