Christina Aguilera's Baby Shower Cake Leaves Nothing to the Imagination (PHOTO)

christina aguileraIn case you haven't heard, Christina Aguilera is pregnant with a baby girl and she wants us all to know. Granted, Xtina has always been very vocal and upfront (flashback to "Dirrty" days), so her pregnancy is clearly no different. But the latest reason why we're totally loving her sense of humor and candidness? She knows how to choose dessert, and her baby shower cake leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

While some expectant moms might shy away from explicitly graphic images at their baby shower, Xtina has embraced them fully. So much so that her cake included a very, ahem, vivid birthing moment. You have to see this one for yourself:


Amazing, right? "Push, Xtina, push" is the absolute best caption for the whole ensemble.

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If you were expecting pink bows and pacifiers at this shower, this was as far in the other direction as you could possibly get. The cake is very unconventional!

But while it might be a little jarring for grandma (seriously, can you imagine how other people reacted?), there's nothing wrong with a raunchy cake at your baby shower if that's your sense of humor. You don't give up being YOU just because you're going to be a mom!

Would you want this cake at your baby shower?


Image via xtina/Instagram

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