JWoww Brings Baby Home to Party 'Jersey Shore' Style ​

Proving for the millionth time that Snooki truly is Lucy to JWoww's Ethel (please say you get this reference, or else make believe you do), the adorable former Jersey Shore star gave her BFF and fiance Roger Mathews the surprise of their lives when they returned home from giving birth to Meilani Alexandra. Just two days after poor Jenni experienced the most pain of her entire life, she returned to her home to find Snook had thrown her a surprise party. Like, with balloons. And other people. Oh, and a freaking mariachi band.

Hold on, I think I just heard Ricky shout, "Snoooooookiiiii!"


So we know Snooki is all about the good times and Jenni definitely used to be the same way. It's possible Nicole knew her pal would want nothing more than to arrive home and get all the new baby meet-and-greets out of the way right then and there. And it's a smart plan, actually: instead of having to get all dolled up several times in the few weeks after birth because everybody you know wants to visit, you just make sure you look your best for one day and then prepare to hibernate for the next six months.

Genius, really.

And, sure, my first thought was: are you serious? A mariachi band is playing on my front steps while I'm still cramping and my boobs are killing me and I haven't slept in two days -- uh, great, thanks? But as Lorenzo's mommy, who has a little girl of her own on the way, Snooki knows what the rest of us moms know so well: two days after birth ain't nothing. Your precious newborn is, more or less, still a sleeping wonder. Just wait until three weeks after birth -- ugh, or the dreaded five-week growth spurt. At that point, you're so sleep deprived, you'll think nothing of using a mariachi instrument as a weapon.

Still, I have to wonder if JWoww secretly wanted to kill her best friend for going to such extreme lengths. Don't get me wrong, she's the sweetest person alive for throwing her this amazing party, but holy cow, postpartum hormones make it a wee bit difficult to see it that way.

I guess we'll find out how Jenni really felt when Snooki gives birth in a few months. Remember, JWoww, nothing says "welcome home from popping out a human" like a male stripper jumping out of an enormous pink cake.

Would you want your friend to throw you a surprise party when you return home from the hospital after giving birth?


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