Eva Mendes Really Is Pregnant: Here's the Evidence (PHOTOS)

eva mendesMillions of hearts were shattered into a million pieces this week when news broke that Eva Mendes could be carrying Ryan Gosling's baby. The key phrase, though? Could be. It's yet to be confirmed by either celeb that the gossip is, in fact, true, and the original source is OK! so there's certainly a small chance that Ryan Gosling could still ask you out on a date it's just hearsay.

Sadly, though, ladies, the majority of the evidence points to it being true. We took on the hard task of analyzing Eva and Ryan throughout the last few months, and it looks like the actress very well could be pregnant with your boyfriend's baby.

Here, 5 signs that Eva Mendes is preggers.

Image via Splash News

  • Eva Did the 'Purse Over Belly' Stance at Her Last Apperance


    "Oh, hey, I'm just going to stand here with my bag conveniently placed over my belly. NBD."

    Oh, and if you're wondering when this photo was taken, it was in March ... which was basically one of Eva's last appearances at an event.

  • Eva Ditched Her Typical Slinky Attire


    The day before the last photo was taken, Eva Mendes had another appearance. She obviously looks stunning, but it is worth nothing that both dresses aren't nearly as slinky as her normal red-carpet attire.

  • Ryan Gosling Went to Cannes Alone


    "Hey, girl. I'm just here at Cannes by myself. Why? Because my other girl is at home five months pregnant. But don't worry. I'll be researching baby-friendly hospitals and lactation consultants when I'm back at my hotel room."

  • Ryan Gosling's First Appearance Post-Pregnancy


    If the calculations are correct and Eva is in fact seven months along, this is one of Ryan's first red-carpet appearances after learning he's going to be a dad. His expression does all the talking, does it not?

  • Ryan Gosling's Mom Is Pleased She's Going to Be a Grandma


    The look on Ryan's mom's face says it all: "I can't wait for a grandbaby!"

  • Ryan Gosling's Baby Fake Out


    This Father's Day, a Facebook page claiming to be the actor's official site, posted a photo of Gosling holding a baby, accompanied by a made-up tale of how he decided to become the father to the baby whose mom passed away from cancer.

    Yeah, it was fake, but did the Facebook page know something we didn't?

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